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White Oak Retriever Kennels - Our Girls

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HRCH BC'S Winds Of Time  "Windy"  

  • AKC # SR58650507

  • UKC # R225-227

  • OFA # LR-195087G25F-VPI

  • OFA # LR-EL52616F25-VPI

  • Cerf # LR-56631

  • CNM – Clear

  • EIC- Carrier

What a great addition to our Girls! Windy “Our Blonde Bomb” is exciting to watch plus beautiful to look at. After this litter, she will continue her career in the hunt test arena, and competing in the Qualifyings in the Field Trial sport. She is already a Hunting Retriever Champion going 10 for 10 in UKC passes. Windy has been totally amateur trained. A hunter’s dream of a companion to own and run. Windy PASSED four consecutive Master Hunt Tests fall 2014. As soon as puppies are weaned, she will be back in training so she can get her MH Title.

Windy's Pedigree

White Oak Lil' Ms. Chicka QAA

  • AKC # SR63616801

  • DOB    07/17/2010

  • OFA #   LR-199082G24F-VPI

  • CNM/EIC Clear

  • Derby Points 16

  • QA2 - Qualified All-Age 2

  • Master Hunter Passes 2

  • Now running All-age States & Master Hunter Stakes

This girl has it ALL!  Tall, lean, retrieving Machine.  Chicka ended her Derby career with 16 points.  She will continue her Field Trial career running the Qualifyings.  She is so much fun to stand beside, come on Fall.  Chicka’s littermate Quickmark Instant Replay had 7 Derby points.  This was one fine breeding.  Littermate Roxy will be running hunt test this fall.  We are already looking for that special Boy to breed Chicka to.  Let us know if you have suggestions?  A very special thank you to Bay Blue Kennels, and Jim Beck Kennels for the great early training that they gave Chicka.  She will make you proud!

White Oak Lil' Ms. Chicka placed 4th in a 40 dog Qualifying at the Port Arthur Field Trial, TX!  WAY TO GO CHICKA!!!  Chicka Qualified All Age at the 2013 spring Lincoln Trail Retriever Field Trial!!!

Breaking News:  Chica has passed two Master Hunter tests an working on the 3rd!


Chicka's pedigree


Coyote Hollow's Legend And The Legacy "Ellie"

  • AKC# SR84823408

  • UKC# R256-730

  • DOB  09/30/2014

  • OFA# LR-223470E24F-VPI---Hips

  • OFA# LR-EL75137F24-VPI--Elbows

  • EIC AND CNM Clear by Parentage

  • PRA/prcd - Clear

Ellie arrived at White Oak Retrievers at 7 weeks of age. She was given to us by a good friend, BUT due to a surgery (my shoulder), we decided that Clay & Casey McDonnough would be the perfect home for Ellie. She has become a great asset to Clay's hunting and they love her. White Oak is so happy to be able to lease Ellie for breeding!  Clay will be running hunt test with her after this hunting season. She is a hunter's dream. Loves to retriever at full speed and relax with the family in the house.  Loves other dogs during play time. She has it all. Check out her pics and pedigree.  Puppies coming next heat cycle!


Ellie's Pedigree


Quick Mark Mustang GT 500  "Shelby" 

  • AKC# SR85126101

  • DOB  10/21/2014

  • OFA Hips & ELs    Pending

  • EIC AND CNM Clear by Parentage

Shelby was born here at White Oak Retrievers and has been trained and loved on the past two years by her new owner Zachariah!  We are now leasing her for breeding but also training her for the AKC hunt test arena starting early 2017. She is a beauty and we have big plans for her.

Shelby's Pedigree

White Oak Lil' Ms Coal Dust  "Dusty"

  • AKC# SR91460301

  • DOB -  01/02/2016

  • OFA - Hips & ELs Pending/not old enough

  • EIC AND CNM Clear by Parentage

Dusty was born at White Oak Retrievers in January 2016!  What a little spit fire to have around.  I really nice working puppy. Can hardly wait to see her on her first waterfowl hunt.  Let the action happen!!

 Dusty's Pedigree


White Oak Rumor Has It "Rumor"

  • AKC #SR72006303

  • DOB   03/22/12

  • CNM/EIC Clear By Parentage

  • OFA# LR-208495G24F-VPI   Hips Good

  • OFA# LR-EL62855F24-VPI    Elbows Normal

  • Eyes Cerfed Clear (Normal both right & left)

Rumor is a second generation puppy from White Oak Retriever Kennels.  Her Dam was also born here at the kennel.  Rumor has been all Amateur trained by Marty and doing great.  She has siblings competing and placing in the Field Trial Arena, Derby & Qualifyings and now running the Open. We look forward to competing with Rumor in the future. She is a very good marker, and very watery.  Look out world Rumor has arrived! 

Rumor's Pedigree


White Oak Limit Maker  "Teal"

  • AKC# SR58665801

  • DOB  08/26/2009

  • DOB-8/26/2009

  • OFA#LR-194617G24F-VPI

  • OFA#LR-EL52275F24-VPI

  • CNM/EIC Clear by Parentage

  • Eyes Cerfed. Clear

Teal, is one awesome hunting companion!  Upland or Waterfowl, she has no limits.  Definitely is yellow factored and possibly chocolate.  Who ever we choose as her mate, the puppies will be VERY SMART first of all & VERY BEAUTIFUL!  Breeding should be done in February. 

Teal's Pedigree





White Oak Lil' Ms Birdy  "Birdy" 

  • AKC # SR84354104

  • DOB - 09/07/2014

  • OFA # LR-222932E24F-VPI

White Oak Retrievers welcomed Birdy at the age of 7 weeks and right away she stole Marty's heart. She loves retrieving on both land and water, and always wanting more birds!  Hence the name BIRDY! She has the classic Labrador temperament and puppy-like affection. Wants to be the best team player at work and when in the house. We are planning on campaigning Birdy in the Hunt Test arena both AKC & UKC. We are also looking at several stud dogs to breed her to when her next cycle arrives. Keep watching this Lil' Girl "Birdy"

Birdy's Pedigree



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